What to wear?

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Okay so it’s been a while. Don’t shout. I had other things going on…

Anyway, who cares, I’m here now! I have a trip to South Africa planned later this month. Cape Town actually, and I’m dead excited except I have NO idea what to pack.


In an attempt to gauge the correct seasonal clothing I resorted (yes, I admit it) to probably my most visited site – BBC Weather. For any of you unaware of the gloriousness that is the average weather conditions page, let me enlighten you. It not only has, as you would expect, typical temperatures, but also sunshine and rainfall amounts.

This *should* enable me to better choose my work wear. See, I hate looking plain (read: beige) so it’s imperative that I select my capsule suitcase wardrobe.

I’ve got one day when I arrive to slob out, I don’t really do that but it seems an accurate description when I consider how tired I will be when I land, and then two days of intense conferencing. Then it’s the visiting contacts and uncovering more stories part. From past experience it’s best not to wear heels for this; it does not go down well in the middle of a vineyard tour.

Quick brainstorm: Zara minis, couple of sheer blouses, studded pumps (obvs), and some black skinnies? Sounds good. Of course I will need to supplement my array of clothing with a few targeted purchases from Topshop (blouse) and H&M (white shirt, little bit smart, little bit casual) but there we go.

Oh and then there is flight wear….



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I’m actually taking about hold ups versus tights. Is it just me who has issues with the two?

Up until 2009, I can safely say I had never touched a pair of hold ups. Oh the shame. Tights were the hosiery of choice for my pins.

But after sitting at my desk all day I suddenly felt a stomach cramp coming on. I roll down the tops of my tights you see as I’m not a fan of the boob shelf look.

The naughty tights that I trusted for so long has begun to hurt me…that was it, i had to find an alternative. Why should anyone tolerate discomfort?

 The problem was I didn’t know the difference between hold ups and stockings. I thought they were synonyms! So, I strutted to Marks & Spencers ready to grill the stern woman in the womenswear department. Only problem was that I chickened out and just asked where the stockings were. She replied: “Stockings? Are they still in fashion? We haven’t stocked them in years!”

I left feeling slightly confused. After all, didn’t all ladies ready for a night of seduction wear stockings? How could Marks, hosiery shop of choice, not stock these sexy items? Time for an internet search….

It should have been obvious. Doh! Hold ups, stay up by themselves. Stockings, however, require a garter belt. I was enlightened!

I discovered that hold ups can be bought anywhere but that it’s trickier to find stockings…so where did I go? Ann Summers of course. Job done. Got all gartered up and ready to go.

And it’s pure pleasure. Feel more ladylike at once. Oh and you don’t get the stomach cramps which is ALWAYS a plus!

Here’s a little clip I discovered on how to wear tights with style….


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Gladiator sandals. They are everywhere.

When I got mine, say back in February, I was one step ahead of the fashion pack.

Now I am wishing I had thought of another summer sandal.

So what do I do? Go and buy another pair of course. All silver and studded. They are scrumptious.

Luscious silver sandals

Luscious silver sandals


But I always fall into this trap. I simply love embellishments; I go weak at the knees and run to the till, pay up and pop on.




The inevitable happens. A bead falls off. Part of me dies inside. I have an OCD thing with shoes you see. How can I wear a shoe when I know a part, albeit miniscule, is missing?


I consider taking the shoes back and getting another pair but the same WILL happen.

Instead, like the obsessed person I am, I stay in on a Saturday afternoon sewing the beads back on my sandal ONE by ONE.

Does this make me sad? VERY. Am I happy? YES.

I went for a walk in Knoll Park yesterday, and wore them and guess what ? EVERY bead stayed on! Woooooooooooo.

I think to myself…I must learn from this experience. DO NOT buy anything with pretty beading on it – it WILL cause you angst.

And I’ve just bought a gorgeous beaded bag from Accessorize. Whoops.

It´s been a long time baby…

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Sorry about the lack of blog action, got delayed by some intense journalism assessments and BBC work placement (which is ridiculously cool).

But that does not mean that I have kept my beady eye off the fashion stakes. OH NO…

Now I know this story is just over a week old but i have to mention it, it makes me laugh:


Even the headline is overly dramatic!!


Well…Giorgio Armani accused Dolce and Gabbana of copying him at Milan Fashion Week.

You would have thought these two were grown up enough not to squabble. Oh no!

The row apparently started when D&G were showing off their new quilted silk trousers (yes you did read that right).

Armani, the little scamp, then kicked off as he brought out trousers with the same design. SHOCK HORROR.

D&G (not sure whether it was D or G or both here) then said that they would never have copied Armani´because he has nothing to teach them´.

How catty. It makes me giggle.

Armani is then reported to have said “now they copy, later they learn”.

In my head, he is jumping up with wild hand movements saying this in an Arnold Schwarzenegger voice. I do realise that this is extremely unlikely.

But wait, I´m not done…D&G said the following about Armani:

“He has never been a source of inspiration for us and we stopped seeing his shows years ago.” OUCH.

The world of men´s fashion is highly amusing!

P.sssssss. i saw the D&G model David Gandy sitting opposite me on a completely empty tube train just before xmas. That really is absolutely fabulous!In case you don´t know who he is…here is a little video…

Super Sale

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I admit it. These sales are killing me.

I have no money apres christmas and there are such great sales this year…they are taunting me.

Take this grey high waisted pencil skirt from ASOS.com. It’s is divine. It’s now ridiculously cheap and I can’t buy it. Can you?

Other favourite sale websites of mine are:

French Connection

All Saints

Miss Selfridge


I decided to treat myself.

French Connection have a college style black cardigan. It goes with EVERYTHING.

I found it on sale. 30% off. Result.

But that is as far as it goes for me – go shop for my sake and enjoy the sales!!!!

Hitting the slopes..

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After a quick skiing trip, i’m back…But naturally it was all in the name of this blog.



Slope Fashion

When people think of Barcelona, they think chic, colourful fashion.

And you wouldn’t be disappointed. The Pyrenees are choc a block full of cool spaniards donning a myriad of colours.

Rule of thumb: The more colourful the better. In fact, garish is a skier’s dream!!


Flourescent pink trousers

All in one white suit covered in multicoloured swirls

Oh and my favourite – A zebra print ski jacket. Divine.

Don’t get me started on the headscarves. They range from the cool to the totally bizarre.

But that’s the point. Anything goes.

It seems the slopes let you free your inhibitions. Clothes wise that is!

However, comfort also matters a great deal. Let me tell you…those ski boots are not comfy. After doing my first run each day, I felt like dying from crippling cramp from doing them up too tight!

But when you get into the swing of things ( and loosen your boots) there is nothing like it. Plus a good pair of apres ski boots will always help!

Helmet wise – you don’t have to, but you should. Better safe than sorry eh?! My helmet is a gorgeous sleek black and gold, with faint fleur de lis panels on each side. When head protection looks that good, you don’t mind!

So if you are thinking of hitting the slopes anytime soon and think you can just chill out in sports gear, you are wrong!

Clothes have never been more important. It’s just another catwalk but you are on a pair of skis!

Blue Suede Shoes

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Well purple actually but it got your attention didn’t it?!

But why o why do I have them? Well..


I was about to go out to a birthday party of a friend of mine.

We were going to Hoxton, I love the area. But since no tube station is that close…I knew that I would be walking.

My stiletto black shoe boots needed to be re-healed. What does a London woman do?! Ah yes..there is a cobblers just next to Topshop Oxford Circus.


So there I am. Waiting. £5, absolutely fine. Then BHAM. “er miss, I dont know whether you’ve realised..but the heel on one of the shoes is a bit loose and I wouldn’t want you to go out and then have the heel break and you break your neck”.


Popped into Topshop as you do and scoured the store for some funky replacements. Tried on variety of strange footwear. Liked none.

Then saw the purple suede shoes. Kinda like shoe boots with a purple fabric bow and some chunky heels.

“Do you have a size 8?” I asked timidly. They never have that size. My fault for being so tall.

YES YES YES! They did! woooooooooooooooooooooooo.

Fitted like a glove, super comfy, fit on the foot.

I fell in love.

Am still in love.

Lovely shoes.

P.S. according to this purple suede shoes are for men too.